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Le Marche is a region in central Italy that boasting a unique landscape that makes it an ideal place for olive oil production. The region is characterised by rolling hills, the Sibilini mountains (which supply beautiful, clean water to the region), and a long coastline, which provide a variety of microclimates and soil types that are perfect for growing different types of olive trees. In fact, Le Marche is home to several varieties of olives that are unique to the region, such as Raggiola, Leccino, and Piantone di Falerone. The region’s mild climate and ample rainfall also make it a great place for olives to thrive. As a result, the olive oil produced in Le Marche is renowned for its delicate flavour, fruity aroma, and high quality.

Since first visiting Le Marche 10 years ago, we knew that we wanted to invest our time and effort in growing olive trees and developing a great, authentic olive oil using the best local skills and knowledge. To do this, we have planted thousands of olive trees over the past 8 years, and are now ready to produce oil in enough quantity to share.

Our olives are harvested by hand, using rakes and nets – it’s a very careful process that results in the best tasting olive oil. And, as part of our commitment to making superior oil, we will, from next year, be able to press all our oil on site, within a few hours of picking – thus minimising the damage to the fruit, and avoiding the acididities that can hamper oil produced by pressing olives too long after harvesting.

Grown without chemicals – we are currently transitioning the land to organic certification – we are sure you will love the sweet, fruit-filled flavour of our natural Shufra di Shufra olive oil.

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